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Peony's Envy
2011 Garden Photos
Below are images of the garden in order of bloom sequence.
yellow herbaceous peony
TREE PEONIES have distinct leaf types and colors    
  PAEONIA JAPONICA is the first to bloom FERN LEAF PEONY
Bleeding Heart
Tall Bearded Iris Boxwood
Star Magnolia Weeping Cherry Yoshino Cherry
The following are pictures of the Tree Peony Bloom in Order of Bloom Sequence
Herbaceous Peonies Growing, expected bloom time the end of May New Stone Walls Being Built
Early Suffruticosa Tree Peonies bloom first    
Blue Jewel Zhao's Family Pink  
Fragrant Jade  
Purple Twin Beauty Luoyang's Red Flowered Dragon
Black Ink Champion Black Red Lotus
Skillful Black Hibiscus Gansu Tree Peonies begin blooming a week after the early tree peonies
Colorful Twin Beauty Zhao's Family Pink White Phoenix
Lavender Champion
Concubines Feather Champion Pink Spring in the Imperial Garden
Iceberg Lotus Pink Butterfly Wings Colorful Twin Beauty
Purple Lotus -dif pic Pink Butterfly Wings -N Pink Butterfly Wings N
Hu's Red Smiling in the Thickets Glamorous Spring Pink
Glamorous Spring Red Use
Iceberg Lotus -N Butterfly Dance
Night Twinkling on Mt Kun
Smiling in the Thickets King of Flowers Zhao's Family Pink
Stormy Enchantress Pink Scarf -dif Use
High Noon Golden Pavilion Golden Pavilion
The Herbaceous Peony Bloom
Coral Sunset
  Black Mulberry (midlate) Spirited Black Dragon (earlymid)
Smart Girl (mid)   Snow Peak - use alt (mid)
Rare Flower of Frosty Dew (midlate) Pink Parfait (late)
Black Dragon (midlate)
Jade Dragon Five Stars (mid) Pink Luau -use alt Summer Carnival
Golden Sash (mid) Golden Jade (earlymid) Mother's Choice (midlate)
  Betty Warner (mid late)  
  Purple Phoenix Flying to the Sun - add more (mid) Pink Beads on a Plate (late)
Bowl of Beauty - use alt Pink Beads on a Plate Nick Shaylor - use alt
Bright Sunshine (midlate) Pink Charmer (earlymid)  
Fat Concubine (late)   Frosted Cheeks (mid)

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